Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

EIGHT EXCHANGE will handle any and all personal information it obtains during the course of its recruitment activities, strictly in compliance with laws and regulations governing personal information.

1. Our Commitment.

EIGHT EXCHANGE will comply with the terms and conditions prescribed in this Privacy Policy as well as the relevant laws, regulations and orders, etc., for attaining the appropriate protection and use of Personal Information, make efforts to ensure that Personal Information will be protected and used appropriately and, in order to fully adapt to the development of information technology in the society at large, strive continuously to improve the system for protection of Personal Information and the practices under such system.

2. Collecting Personal Information.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Information” means information which relates to a living individual and which, by the name, year, month and date of birth and other descriptions of the individual included therein, permits the identification of the specific individual (including information by which an individual may be identified by referencing and cross-checking other readily available information). EIGHT EXCHANGE will collect Personal Information, by means of adequate and lawful process, to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified in this Privacy Policy.

3. Purposes of Use of Personal Information.

The purpose of use of Personal Information by EIGHT EXCHANGE is as set forth below. If EIGHT EXCHANGE intends to collect Personal Information for any purpose other than those described below, EIGHT EXCHANGE will inform the individual of such specific purpose(s) of use while collecting it and obtain his or her consent.

4. Use of Personal Information.

EIGHT EXCHANGE will use Personal Information collected by EIGHT EXCHANGE within the scope of the specified purpose of such collection, unless otherwise specifically provided for in the Law. If EIGHT EXCHANGE intends to use or provide to a third party, etc., Personal Information for any purpose other than prescribed above, EIGHT EXCHANGE shall obtain the consent of the individual in advance.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties.

Unless the description of the respective types of services provides that Personal Information may be provided to a third party, and excluding the cases enumerated below, EIGHT EXCHANGE will not provide Personal Information to any third party without first obtaining consent of the individual:

  • If required by laws, regulations or ordinances;
  • If required to protect human life or bodily safety or property and where it is difficult to obtain consent of the individual;
  • If required to cooperate with departments of national government or municipal governments or their delegated entities in the course of discharging their business prescribed under the laws, regulations or ordinances and where, if they were to be required to obtain consent of the individual, discharge of their business would be made difficult; and
  • If convenient to outsource all or any part of processing or handling services of Personal Information, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

6. Security and Control Measures for Personal Information.

EIGHT EXCHANGE will implement appropriate security and control measures to prevent loss, alteration or divulgence, etc. of Personal Information. In addition, EIGHT EXCHANGE will provide training to all officers, staff members and employees who access to Personal Information to enhance their awareness of the importance of protection of Personal Information, and appropriately supervise contractors, if EIGHT EXCHANGE outsources the processing or handling of Personal Information.

7. Inquiry and Correction of Personal Information.

With respect to Personal Information collected by EIGHT EXCHANGE, if a individual wants to make an inquiry or request correction or deletion thereof, and if he/she submits his/her request to the specified contact (as specified below), EIGHT EXCHANGE will respond to such request as expeditiously as reasonably possible, after confirming the identity of the individual.

8. Amendment of this Privacy Policy.

If this Privacy Policy is amended, the amended document will be posted and made public on the website of EIGHT EXCHANGE ( The amended Privacy Policy will take effect after thirty (30) days from the posting on website of EIGHT EXCHANGE.

9. Protection of Personal Information at Linked Web Sites.

EIGHT EXCHANGE waives responsibility for the processing or handling of Personal Information carried out at any website operated by an entity or person other than EIGHT EXCHANGE even if links to those sites are provided on the Website of EIGHT EXCHANGE.

10. Procedure for an Individual to Request for the Disclosure, etc. of His/Her Personal Information, etc.

EIGHT EXCHANGE will act responsively in an appropriate and prompt manner with respect to the procedure to the disclosure, etc. of information of an individual when requested by the individual, prescribed in the Law.

11. Priority of Japanese and English Versions of Privacy Policy.

The Website operated by EIGHT EXCHANGE( consists of English pages and Japanese pages and Privacy Policy is posted both in Japanese and English. English version of Privacy Policy is, however, prepared for convenience only by translation of the Japanese version and, in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions of Privacy Policy, the Japanese version shall prevail as a basis of construction thereof.

12. Contact Information.

EIGHT EXCHANGE will respond appropriately and promptly to any comments, requests or complaints, etc. with respect to the collection, use, processing or handling of Personal Information. Comments, requests or complaints, etc., with respect to the collection, use, processing, or handling of Personal Information or security and control measures of Personal Information by EIGHT EXCHANGE should be directed, by e-mail, to the contact of EIGHT EXCHANGE specified below. EIGHT EXCHANGE will respond to such comments, request and complaints, etc. after reviewing their content.

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